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The STP Records mob took the decision last night to still go down to the Star and Garter in Manchester to meet people face to face to explain what had happened and we thank each and every one of you last night for being so understanding,very much appreciated.
Rockers England - if you bought your ticket from Rockers for this show, you can obtain a full refund the very next time you are passing the shop...and again we would like to personally thank Kathy for also coming down last night to issue Rockers refunds in person. - we will be going through over the next couple of days and fully refunding ticket money to those who ordered online via paypal etc so once we have sifted through who was refunded in person last night,we will get your money back to you folks. If you bought tickets in person,just message me on here or via and we will sort something out for you.
If people do not want a refund for their ticket we are going to donate any money to Colin's family so please get in contact with either myself or Jason Carroll for any further information....and again we thank those who donated some money last night,again very much appreciated.
Thanks to The Star and Garter for opening allowing us 3 hours to meet and talk to people,very much appreciated.
We willl try to make an OFC Manchester show a priority the next time the band are touring and once again we would like to thank all the bands for being on board with the decision we took as a mark of respect for Colin.